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Dreamwalks May 2017

Deep Characterization

Dreamwalkers, today I thought I’d share Katherine Grace Bond’s recent interview with me on Deep Characterization. Katherine and I along with acting coach, Andrew Bond, will be teaching a number of exciting workshops around this theme in July at the Second Annual Full-Bodied Novel Retreat Register Katherine: Many people have been asking me what Deep… Read more

Art & Survival

Dreamwalkers, you’ve walked in on another Creative Conversation. You’re welcome to eavesdrop then comment below adding your thoughts to the conversation about Art and Survival. Today I’m talking with artist Gretchen Hansen Janet: Hi, Gretchen. I can’t draw worth beans, so I’m fascinated to hear more about the creative process from a visual artist’s perspective…. Read more

Dreamwalks Earth Day Offering

This year my Earth Day offering is forest restoration. Step into the excerpt from The Dragons of Noor below, enter to win a signed copy, and I get the delightful job of donating to Plant a Billion Trees for each person who enters. Random winner will be announced on Arbor Day. What could be better than… Read more

Art and Activism

Welcome to Creative Conversations: discussions about the creative process. Today I’m talking with author Chris Eboch about Art and Activism. Janet: Hi, Chris. So good to meet up with you today. What made you choose this subject? Chris: A lot of people have been suffering in recent months because of the political situation. Hate crimes… Read more

Reflections on Revision

Welcome to Creative Conversations. Today author Helen Landalf and I are meeting up to share our Reflections on Revision. Let’s dig into the process and see how writing style reflects lifestyle choices as we revise our work. Janet: Hi Helen. After reading some of your interesting blog posts on revision, I thought it would be interesting to… Read more

Creating a Supportive Art Community

Welcome to Creative Conversations. Today I’m talking with artist/photographer Heidi Pettit about fashioning a Supportive Community to help your creative life thrive. Heidi and I began Artemis years ago, and it’s been crucial to us both. We have a lot to talk about, and though this is about a particular supportive art group, I hope our… Read more


Welcome to Creative Conversations: discussions about the creative process. Today I’m welcoming back the multi-talented author/illustrator Molly Blaisdell.                                                       photo credit: Alan Bryant Molly and I decided to talk… Read more

Minding Your Dreams

Welcome to Creative Conversations–discussions about the creative process. Today Janet talks with award-winning author, and emerging sculptor, Dia Calhoun. Taken on The Bridge of Glass outside the Museum of Glass in Tacoma Dia’s books Janet: Hi Dia. We’ve talked a lot about the creative process over the years, and it’s always interesting to hear your… Read more

Brave Beginnings

Welcome to Creative Conversations –real-time discussions about the creative process. Today Janet talks with Dori Hillestad Butler, Edgar Award-winning author of 50 books for children. Janet: Hi Dori. What’s on your mind today? Dori:  New projects! I just finished up book 10 in my Haunted Library series a couple of weeks ago. That’s the last… Read more

Changing Momentum

Welcome to Creative Conversations—real-time discussions about the creative process. Today Janet and artist, Lisa Sheets will explore the next burning topic: Changing Momentum. (Lisa and faithful dog Yuki) Hi, Lisa. I’ve got my small glass of wine on my desk, and a view of your beautiful new website with multiple pages, like gallery rooms, devoted… Read more