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World Tree Painting
photo the World Tree Yggdrasil of Norse Mythology.
Art by Agnes Olson

Hanna's dragon, Thriss

The Dragons of Noor

A Dreamwalker who has lost her way. A Shape Shifter who fears his own dark power. A Fire Herd punished for his magic. Can these three teens find the lost children and stop all the magic from seeping out of the world?

Children fly when worlds are shaken
Now the children are Wind-taken
Seek them there, seek them here
Before the children disappear

All over the kingdom, children have been carried away on a mysterious wind, and the clever little brother of Miles and Hanna is among the missing. Meanwhile, the dragons are uneasy, their truce with humans threatened as the centuries-long exile from their own country nears its end.
Hanna, Miles and Taunier sail east to seek the Wind-stolen. East to the dragon lands. East to the place where the Ancient trees are dying, taking the secrets and the magic with them. In Jarrosh, among dragons, Hanna, Miles and Taunier will be challenged to use their hidden powers. Each of them must break beyond the boundaries of self to find the Wind-taken children and to discover the ancient magic joining all to all.

* Teens Read Too Gold Star Award for Excellence

Write a secret message in the the Othic Alphabet in MAPS AND GAMES

Author Notes

The Dragons of Noor is based on brokenness – two worlds breaking apart, the breaking of a dragon treaty that protected the Waytree forest, the breaking of a family when the youngest child is stolen by the wind . . . It’s my seventh novel for young readers, and the second Noor book. In this tale Miles and Hanna try to “bind what’s broken”. They join the dragons’ fight to save the Waytree forest – the ancient trees that bind the two worlds. If they fail and the last Waytrees fall, the worlds will split in two. All magic will go out of Noor, and their little brother will be forever lost.

The power of nature plays a central role in the story, the Wild Wind, the Whorl Storms, the Waytrees who bridge the worlds, all stemmed from my childhood sense of awe. Growing up near the Pacific Ocean, and under giant redwood trees that dwarfed me, I felt there were older living beings around me -- that I was a small person in their world. As I’ve studied forests, I see how trees are rooted in humankind’s childhood. When we cut them down we sever ourselves from our wild past and chop down our most ancient playground.

Chapter Two

Othlore Wood

When the Waytree bridges fall,
Roots die binding all to all.

—Dragons’ Song

Bone-white marble walls surrounded the meers’ school at the base of Mount Kalmeer, whose great forest grew in all directions from its snowcapped peak. The first High Meer had chosen to build his school on Othlore, for the lone isle in the western sea of Noor was a place deeply rooted in magic.

A ray of sunlight broke through the clouds as Miles left the western gate with his bearhound, Breal, and crossed the creaking footbridge leading to the forest. It was risky to sneak outside when he should be in Restoration Magic class, but he’d heard a call coming from the Othlore Wood. A magic beckoning, he was sure. The sound had haunted him all morning, though no one else seemed to notice, and so at last he’d come. Read More


“Long ago, the worlds of Oth and Noor were linked through the intertwined roots of the World Tree. But now the worlds are only tenuously linked by the magical, dragon-guarded waytrees, which are disappearing to the axes of greedy men as omens of a great evil begin to appear. Miles and Hanna find themselves on another quest to save their kidnapped younger brother and prevent the end of everything. Readers who followed shape-shifter Miles and meer (mage) Hanna in The Beast of Noor (2006) will gladly return to this imaginative place for another high-fantasy outing.


“This enchanting tale takes readers on a journey they will neither be able to put down nor forget. Carey's characterization is charming, her plot addictive, and her settings beautiful. The Dragons of Noor is a must-read for fantasy lovers of all ages!” Read more

—Teens Read Too Gold Star Award *

“This sequel to The Beast of Noor (S & S, 2006) starts with a bang–well, a crash–and never lets up. Children are disappearing, taken by the wind, including 14-year-old Hanna's little brother and students from the Meer school where 16-year-old Miles is learning music and magic. At the same time, the waytrees that form the bond between Noor and Oth, the home of the dragons, have been dying... Read more

—School Library Journal

The Dragons of Noor is a fantastic fantasy that both young readers and older readers alike will enjoy. Hanna has this amazing ability as a Dream Walker, Miles her brother is a shape-shifter and his best friend and wonderful love interest Taunier is a fire worker. Together the three of them are out to find their younger brother and find the rest of the missing children who have been swept away by the winds. The three will soon find out they are also the ones who will solve an ancient prophecy, with the help of The Dragons of Noor. Read more

—Mundie Moms *****

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