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Exquisite Persistence Terry Persun

Welcome to Creative Conversations, discussions on the creative process. This month I’m talking with award-winning author, Terry Persun. Terry writes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, and Mainstream/Historical. He’s also well known as a writer who gives back to the writing community. A board member and Editor/Agent liaison at PNWA since 2004, he teaches writing at conferences… Read more


No lawless berserkers rampaged through VikingCon at Western Washington Universtiy campus on Saturday, but there were plenty of Otherworld folk from the fantasy, sci-fi, comic, and movie world. Photographer, Heidi Pettit, took some snaps with her trusty cell-phone. Rachel Ashby, aka Fionna of Adventure Time. Knight, Austin Voecks, behind. Sipping a tankard of water (alas not Viking Ale) I joined… Read more