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Deb Lund’s Fiction Magic card drawing is back by popular demand! She’s agreed to draw card # 5 and share her wisdom with all of us who boldly (or not so boldly) face the blank page. Keep on dreaming Dreamwalkers. We’re here to help equip you for the journey ahead. We’ve also extended our giveaway through mid-December so more writers have a chance to win Deb Lund’s brilliant deck and a signed copy of In The Time of Dragon Moon as well. Are you ready to be inspired? Fiction Magic: Card Tricks & Tips For Writers

Janet: Okay Deb, Draw!

Deb: Here goes!

Throw in an Obstacle

THROW IN AN OBSTACLE was a great one for me to pull today as we enter the holiday season. Too much of it really IS Black, isn’t it? All those sales, the commercialism of the holiday—I don’t want to get started on that, but I can’t promise you I won’t touch on it.

Let’s go to the Fiction Magic guidebook to see what it says about this card…

If you’re lucky, you’ll pull this card over and over, because this is Key. Your characters are on quests. Delay them. Interrupt their journeys. Who or what could step in to make your characters stop in their tracks? The interruptions may be people, objects, circumstances, thoughts, feelings… Send your characters merrily down the road, and then run them into roadblocks. Keep tossing them unending hardship. Warm up your pitching arm and let it rip. Throw after throw after throw.

As a writer, you have plenty of obstacles. For each one you throw at your character, remove one from your writing life! Where will you start?

It’s a good thing my memory isn’t the best when it comes to what I’ve written, because I can read these comments and hear them fresh each time, as if someone else had written them. And, I’m sorry, but it’s this holiday season topic that’s staying with me. I don’t want to abandon my creative life in favor of busyness, or get run down and not have the energy to enjoy it. We live in a place with a close community feeling, where we’re very connected, and where there are an abundance of events and activities during any season, and especially this one for our musical family. Where will I start in order to take care of myself? Here’s my list. You can make your own…

• Eliminate the “shoulds” that have become tradition that no longer have meaning for me.
• Allow my kids to choose from the available activities as well.
• Find ways to connect with people that are simple and meaningful.
• Begin my Valentine letter during the holidays (I’ve already given up sending one out during
this season), because I usually don’t manage to get one out, and I’d like to.
• Schedule in downtime and creative time.
• Check in on my motivation for any event I’m tempted to attend.

These ideas will take care of some of my holiday roadblocks. As you write a list for yourself, let’s turn the guidebook suggestion inside out and make a list for adding roadblocks for your character. Are you ready? Share any of your thoughts below…

Happy holidays!


Janet: I love this card, Deb. The holiday rush can be overwhelming. When I fall behind, I’ll try to remind myself that it is only a season, that it will pass. Eliminating the “shoulds” might provide a little more creative time. Obstacles are terrific when aimed at the story. They make the characters take action. Aim them at myself and I get mired in self-doubt and cannot move forward. Here’s to taking aim in the right direction this December Dreamwalkers.

If this Fiction Magic card inspires you in any way, feel free to share your story in a comment below. Scroll back through our three other Fiction Magic posts to see card magic and read this month’s previous posts and comments. And you’re welcome to get and share more ideas on Deb’s Fiction Magic Facebook Page We’d love to see you there!

“These cards are a creative way for Deb Lund to extend her       gentle genius for helping fellow writers develop our own magic    with fiction. I can hardly wait to get my hands on them, as both a  writing teacher and a writer myself.” Christina Baldwin, author o  o f Storycatcher

“When I read a book on writing, it takes about 200 pages before   I learn anything I can apply to my writing. I can use these cards   instantly.” Carole Dagg, YA author

“These cards are thought-provoking and inspiring. As an author and literary agent, I plan to use them myself and with my students and clients.” Andrea Hurst, Literary Agent

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