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Happy Children’s Book Week! And welcome to a Special Edition of Library Lions. This week we’re Roaring for the Cavalcade of Authors now in its 5th year!


The Skinny
Cavalcade of Authors yearly conference is dedicated to providing the secondary students of our region access to some of the best Young Adult authors of our modern era. Our special interest is to celebrate Pacific Northwest Authors while introducing students to a variety of genres and subject matter and to furthermore, promote reading and writing within our community. We provide for our participants an authentic writing conference experience where students can learn from the ultimate mentors: the authors of the books they are reading.

Cavalcade 2013 Authors

(Front Row Left to Right: Michelle Lane (Director), D.J. MacHale, Jeff Burlingame, Holly Cupala, Suzanne Selfors, Maureen McQuerry, Lisa McMann, Veronica Rossi, Brandon Dorman, and Kelly Milner Halls. Back Row: Jonathan Maberry, Gregg Olsen, Jonathan Auxier, Trent Reedy, Chris Crutcher, and Brandon Mull. Guadalupe Garcia McCall not pictured)



[All Cavalcade photos by Aaron Pelly Photography]

The Day Begins . . .   
Students arrive by 8:00 at Columbia Basin College and are ushered to their first session by high school student volunteers who know the campus.  The first session starts at 8:15 and lasts one hour.  Students attend three sessions of their choosing that they’ve signed up for through their school librarian.


Check out the wonderful workshops our Authors offered this year!


(Students arrive for Brandon Mull’s workshop)
                                                      (Gregg Olsen’s workshop)


(Kelly Milner Hall’s workshop)

Students have 15 minutes in between sessions for autographing and connecting with the authors and passing time. 



                                   (Suzanne Selfors and Savannah, Gr.7, from Desert Hills MS)
                                                           (Lisa McMann signing)

(Veronica Rossi with students, Persephone D Angeli, Nelly Ruelas-Mendoza, Payton Griffith, and Elizabeth Fredrick)

Cheers for Cavalcade!

                             (Guadalupe Garcia McCall and Bianney, Gr. 8. Clara Brownell MS)

“I loved how many people attended [Cavalcade of Authors].  It was great to see so many students at my sessions!  I really loved showing them what I do to write, and sharing my experiences as a writer with them.  I also loved that I saw many Hispanic students there that I would not have reached otherwise.  Thank you. Cavalcade of Authors is a buzzing, lively hive where both students and authors can meet to discuss the most important of interests…reading good books.”  Guadalupe Garcia McCall

(Kelly Milner Halls)
“[I enjoyed most of all] the author dinner and hanging out with all those great kids the day of the event.  It was all terrific. Sharing in the wonder that was the Cavalcade of Authors may have been a job, technically.  But it was so much more.  Speaking to hundreds of eager young people at a well-organized festival with more than a dozen other exceptional authors was a sheer pleasure.  The kids left with inspiration and warm memories.  The authors did, too.  Clearly, the Tri-cities population values their young people and the future that will soon be in their capable hands.  This was an exceptional experience, all the way around.”  Kelly Milner Halls


(Jeff Burlingame)

“Being a featured author at Cavalcade of Authors is like taking the stage to front a world-famous rock ‘n’ roll band for two days.  From the moment you arrive, its fun, fervor, and fantastic.  For students, attending Cavalcade of Authors is like being in the crowd when that band—your all-time favorite—performs in an intimate setting in your hometown for you and 1,000 of your closest friends.  Cavalcade of Authors isn’t just an excellent Eastern Washington conference.  It’s an excellent conference, period.”  Jeff Burlingame

                                                                   (D.J. MacHale)

“[With the Cavalcade of Authors] it’s all about the kids.  Being able to speak to such a large group of interested readers is a rare treat.  Usually during school visits, maybe 20% of the group really wants to be there.  With Cavalcade, it was 100%.  You can’t beat that.  Also, the entire event was buttoned up and well run.  That’s not always the case. The Cavalcade of Authors should be called ‘The Cavalcade of Kid Readers.’  Being able to speak to a thousand interested, engaged young readers is like author heaven.  I can’t wait to do it again!”  D.J. MacHale

                                                                     (Trent Reedy)

“I liked Cavalcade of Authors because, not only did it foster a love of reading and writing for young people, but it was a practical, useful opportunity for young writers to learn more about the craft of writing.  It was wonderful to see excited young writers carefully taking notes and working to improve their writing. Cavalcade of Authors is a good opportunity for young people to foster their own love for reading, and it is a great opportunity for young writers to get excellent writing instruction from some of the best authors of books for young people.”  Trent Reedy

                                                               (Jonathan Maberry)

“Michelle…I wish I’d been able to give you a big good-bye hug. This was such a wonderful event and I had the best time. You and your crew throw a first-class event –professional, smooth, and fun!  Although I’ve never been to the Tri-Cities area before, I can now say that I’ve made real friends here.  If I can ever be of assistance with future events, either as a presenter or as a resource to contact some of my colleagues, you have but to ask. Again…thanks for everything!  You so rock!”  Jonathan Maberry

Teachers’ Roars
“It’s simple.  Kids who like to read, read.  Cavalcade brings relevant, high-interest authors from near and far to eastern Washington.  Students who never dreamed they’d meet real authors, listen to their stories, learn first-hand about their craft, and interact with them personally get a chance to do just that.  My students devour the books.  They argue, share secrets, and quote them.  They are as affected, dazed, and amazed as if they were meeting rock stars.  In fact, they are.” – Doug Lane, 6th grade teacher, Enterprise MS


“It is so awesome to see so many of our kids get excited about reading because of your awesome event! I am even more amazed than last year at the level of interest and hope to see it continue to grow and grow as an opportunity for our students.”  Tammy Fisher, 7th/ 8th grade Reading Teacher, Clara Brownell MS

                                                    (Maureen McQuerry’s workshop)


“Cavalcade gives students the opportunity to experience authentic writing from published authors.  Often, they discover a common bond with these people who get paid to write!” – Colette DeHaan, 7thgrade LA teacher, Enterprise MS

                                               (Jonathan Maberry signing)
Student Roars“They’re known all around the world for their books and I actually get to go home and say I met an author. If someone’s reading that book, [I can say], ‘I’ve met that author.’ That’s so cool!,” Elena, 9th grade Chiawana HS

“It was nice to see a Hispanic author since I am Hispanic myself.”  Park MS

“[I learned] you’ve got to dig deeper in order to get where you want and what you want.”  Cristianna, Grade 8, Park MS

“[I was] inspired to never give up and write what you believe.”  Nicole, Grade 7, Park MS

                                                   (Mark, Gr. 7, Horse Heaven Hills MS)

“Cavalcade was like a treasure trove of advice on writing and how to keep enjoying it.  It has changed my view on how books are made forever.”  Sydney, Grade 6, Enterprise

“[Jonathan] Auxier’s session [was my favorite] because he included student interaction and as a group we completed a ridiculous, but funny story.” – Timmy, 7th grade

“I liked them all because they all were interesting and the information that they shared was really cool. Some things they share really inspired me.” – Adriana, 8th grade

Special Moments:
A student (Elena) from Chiawana High School during her session with Jeff Burlingame, was gifted a get up that much resembled Elvis. 

When she left Jeff’s session – she was walking through the crowds of kids shouting, “This is the BEST day EVER!!”  Later she was interviewed by the news station – it totally brought tears to my eyes.  I was so excited for her and proud of all our students who attended that day!

ONE LAST BIG ROAR On average our 800+ kids are reading 6 books between August and January to attend Cavalcade.  Many of them continue reading Cavalcade books long after the event is over.  These kids are spreading the word to others about the great books they are reading, creating a reading climate in our schools!

Also, Cavalcade sponsors a writing contest where three places are awarded for each of both High School and Middle School entries. 
                          (Vance, Gr. 8 Enterprise MS, 1st place Short Story Contest)

Let’s Link:

Cavalcade of Authors
Cavalcade Facebook 


Stay Tuned for Cavalcade 2013 Part 2 coming to LL blog soon!


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Note to Librarians: If you’re a Youth Librarian working in a school or public library we’d love to hear about you and your library. If you have a Young Authors conference like Cavalcade you would like to highlight. We’d love to showcase your conference. Email Janet on the Contact page on this website and let’s talk.

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