The Twelve Days of Christmas: Starring the Chickens

Caney Creek Books 10/8/2016

Chickens hatch holiday hilarity. After the hype and busyness, true love triumphs in this updated version of a classic Christmas carol. In THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: STARRING THE CHICKENS, a flock of chickens and a penguin in a pine tree bring new twists to the cumulative series song. Grand gifts given on each day of Christmas will delight all chicken lovers. Gentle warmth and humor will wrap families and friends in the joy of Christmas.

The Peeps: Ms. Janet Chicken and Ms. Molly Chicken
Molly and Janet

About the Illustrator
Molly Blaisdell Molly Blaisdell learned to draw from her family of folk artists and knew how to draw a chicken before she could write her name. She was also a bantam fancier in school and raised show chickens for county fair competitions in Texas. The best part of showing a chicken was washing it in the bathtub and then styling its feathers with a blow dryer.

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