Save the Rainforests

In the Time of the Dragon Moon

In the Time of Dragon Moon charity of choice Protect Brazilian Amazon.

“In the course of writing this book, I learned about the ongoing destruction of vital medicinal plants that could cure many diseases.

Amazon ForestPeruvian healer, Eda Zevala Lopez, says, “The incredible biodiversity of plant and animal life where scientific observations have identified medicinal plant species yet to be documented and studied [will be] forever and irrevocably changed if the plundering of the Peruvian rainforest continues.”

“Home to one-third of all species, the Amazon Basin is the planet’s greatest reserve of life forms. Probably no other place is more critical for human survival than the Amazon. Nearly the size of the continental United States, the Amazon Basin harbors the largest remaining tropical forest on our planet, and Harbors nearly one-third of the planet’s biodiversity.” —the Nature Conservancy

uma“Readers who would like to join me in helping save the divers plant life in the Amazon Basin can make a difference through the Nature Conservancy’s Protect Brazilian Amazon

Thank you! And as Uma says: “Ona loneaih” — be you well.

Special Update: Thank you to all the In The Time of Dragon Moon party-goers for your donations. Together we donated $60 to save the Brazilian Rain forest. Bravo!