Defenders of Wildlife


Dragonswood charity of choice Defenders of Wildlife

arctic_foxFairytale: In medieval times the Dragons and the Fey face extinction. They need their protected wilderness to survive. It is against the law for people to enter the Dragonswood sanctuary, but that doesn’t stop the islanders. Battles over land use are fought along the woodland borders. Many islanders want to and take back the forest which they see as “rightfully theirs.” Sound familiar?

Fact: In our day many wild animals face extinction. They need protected wilderness areas to survive. Battles over land use are ongoing and the wilderness is shrinking.

snowy_owlWe looked for a charity that protected wilderness areas and endangered animals. Enter Defenders of Wildlife! Defenders of Wildlife helps maintain wilderness areas for threatened wildlife to survive.

Our family chose to adopt a snowy owl. (We couldn’t resist adopting an arctic fox as well!) Readers who want to reach out and help protect wildlife click here. Thank you!