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Dead Max Comix, Book 1: The Deadening

Welcome to the first Creative Conversation for 2020! Find a comfy seat, lean in close, and eavesdrop in on our conversation. Today I’m talking with author/illustrator and comix creator, the indomitable Dana Sullivan Yay! Feel free to shake your tambourines Dreamwalkers! Some lucky Dreamwalker will win a signed copy of Dana’s Dead Max Comix, Book… Read more


No lawless berserkers rampaged through VikingCon at Western Washington Universtiy campus on Saturday, but there were plenty of Otherworld folk from the fantasy, sci-fi, comic, and movie world. Photographer, Heidi Pettit, took some snaps with her trusty cell-phone. Rachel Ashby, aka Fionna of Adventure Time. Knight, Austin Voecks, behind. Sipping a tankard of water (alas not Viking Ale) I joined… Read more