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Justina Chen on Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Welcome to Creative Conversations, discussions on the creative process. Find a comfy seat, lean in close and eavesdrop in on our conversation. Today I’m talking with the inspiring, multi-talented, Justina Chen Justina is known for her brilliant, award-winning YA novels. Her forthcoming novel, LOVELY, DARK & DEEP is due out July 31 with Scholastic. A… Read more

Bilingual Biblioburro & Summer Reading

Welcome to Library Lions interviews. We Raise a Roar for Libraries and the outstanding Youth Librarians in Schools and Public Libraries across the U.S. Please Roar today’s guest, Angela Morris! Angela is Children’s Services Manager North Central Regional Library system. The headquarters are in Wenatchee WA, but the system has 28 branches in five counties…. Read more