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A story is transferred in silence. Its characters wear the skin of myth. Take up your pen and listen.

Write in Private or Write in Public?

Dreamwalkers, are you a Write in Private type of author or a Write in Public type?  I think of myself as a Write in Private sort of person. Maybe it’s because I laugh out loud when a character says something unexpected, tear up in poignant moments, or need to jump up and physically act out… Read more


DRAGONSWOOD ARCS arrived! YA Fantasy, companion book to DRAGON’S KEEP, will be out Jan 2012. ~On Wilde Island, one girl must face her destiny or there will be no peace among dragons, fairies, and humans.~ Jacket photo of girl © 2011 Gabrielle Revere Here’s what the back cover says:Wilde Island is in an uproar after… Read more

THE DRAGONS OF NOOR BOOK LAUNCH PARTY The party photos are up! Thanks to photographer Heidi Pettit for the great party shots. Whether you joined the masquerade party or were far away and could not come, everyone is welcome to swing by and see the colorful event here at LITARTPHOTOGRAPHY Here are just a few… Read more