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ONCE UPON A STORY Spring Conference

I won Free Tuition to our Western Washington SCBWI Spring Conference! By some magical confluence of energy, the ever-amazing Deb Lund (poster by art-magician DanaSullivan) Drew my raffle ticket from the sack at last night’s SCBWI meeting. My golden ticket to Once Upon a Story It was as if I’d zoomed past the Phantom Tollbooth And… Read more


Welcome to Library Lions interviews Raising a Roar for libraries and the outstanding librarians serving youth in schools and public libraries across the U.S. Author, Jim Whiting  joins us today to Roar for Libraries from an Author’s perspective. Welcome, Jim! First what’s your Roar for Libraries? I admire librarians for their dedication to their jobs… Read more

THE DRAGONS OF NOOR BOOK LAUNCH PARTY The party photos are up! Thanks to photographer Heidi Pettit for the great party shots. Whether you joined the masquerade party or were far away and could not come, everyone is welcome to swing by and see the colorful event here at LITARTPHOTOGRAPHY Here are just a few… Read more

Tales from the Trenches Interview with Janet Lee Carey How do your stories take shape in your head or on paper? For example, do you brainstorm organically or do you use an outline? Complete outlines are too restrictive for me. I lean toward a more organic approach. I daydream and keep a story journal where… Read more