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Welcome to Library Lions Roar interviews. Author Angie Karcher is stopping by to share her books and her Library Love with us. Take it away Angie!

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I am thrilled to be here roaring loudly for libraries today.
“r r r r r R R R o o o o O O O AAARRRr r r r r!”

As a former kindergarten teacher and mother of 4, I have always been surrounded by two things…children and books. I’m here roaring like a lion today because children and books both need libraries!
My job as a children’s author is the best job in the world because I get to be creative, share my thoughts and ideas with readers and…work in my pajamas. The best part of my job is that I get to read amazing children’s books to kids at schools, libraries and many other events. It’s pretty cool to see my books in libraries. I have two non-fiction history books published and now focus on writing picture books and poetry. I am the founder of RhyPiBoMo, (Rhyming Picture Book Month) a writing challenge for children’s authors, on my blog. Writers read and learn more about writing rhyming picture books, win prizes and compete in a poetry contest. I also get to meet lots and lots of talented children’s authors.

This is a Rhyme Parody that my good friend Dawn Young did on Youtube to celebrate rhyme for RhyPiBoMo 2015!

Author’s Roar
What if there were no libraries where I grew up? What if I never saw the world outside of my small town? What if I thought everyone in the world looked and spoke and lived like me?
I may have never been brave enough to attend college and become a teacher, as I am the first person in my family to have a college degree. I may have never been brave enough to become a writer and put my vulnerable thoughts and ideas down on paper for all to see. I may never have been brave enough to travel to Los Angeles, California this summer to a writing conference and meet Mem Fox, my favorite children’s author.

LL Angie K author and
Angie and Author Mem Fox

Without libraries and books, children are dry sponges waiting to soak up all the moisture the world has to offer through reading. Funding for libraries must be seen by communities as a necessity, not a luxury. If we want our children to grow and flourish and become lifetime learners, we must find a way to keep the doors open.
“r r r r r R R R o o o o O O O AAARRRr r r r r!”

A Lion’s Pride of Programs

LL Angie K stories
Pajama Night Book Reading at Vogel School, Evansville Indiana

I have been asked to speak at local school and libraries many times and I always enjoy seeing the children and telling them about my books WHERE THE RIVER GRINS and THE LEGENDARY R.A.COWBOY JONES.

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Where The River Grins
Published by MT Publishing 2012

LL Angie K book cover

The Legendary RA Cowboy Jones
Published by MT Publishing 2014

I was honored last January when I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the annual Mock-Caldecott Celebration for our library system. I participated in reading all 72 books. Then we met and voted on our favorites in a process that finally narrowed it down to one book. It was so interesting to see the process and I was surprised at how difficult it was to choose because they were all wonderful! Many of our top 5 books were on winning lists officially so I was proud of our choices.

LL Angie K fireplace
Here I am sitting by the library fireplace reading all the Mock Caldecott
picture books in one day.

Library Love When You Were a Cub

I have been going to the library since I was two years old. My mom took my brother and I to story time every week and we carried bags of books home. We made crafts, watched puppet shows, saw dancers, listened to musicians and storytellers. This was a place of learning but most importantly it was a place of fun! Books bring learning and new experiences. Through books I visited London with Mary Poppins, sat on Mr. Zuckerman’s farm with Fern and Charlotte, toured a chocolate factory with Charlie and drifted away from OZ with Dorothy. I grew up in a small town so these adventures through books enriched my life and gave me confidence to venture outside the confines of my limited experiences. I learned to see the world for myself and accept people for their experiences. I continued this tradition with my four children and we spent many hours together in the library. My kids are all big readers and I know it is because they have always been surrounded by books.

More Library Love

My first book, WHERE THE RIVER GRINS is the history of Evansville, Indiana. It was part of the Bicentennial Celebration in 2012 and is used in local schools as a text book to teach local history to third grade students. I spent many hours researching in Willard Library. Willard has an extensive collection of archival photographs and their librarians are extremely knowledgeable about the history of our community. The Willard librarians assisted me in locating photographs that really enhanced my book.

Roar For Librarians you love!
LL Angie K author shot
Librarian Janice Tenbarge

I am fortunate because a good friend of mine is a librarian! Janice Tenbarge is a librarian in the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library System, in Southern Indiana. Janice has been a children’s librarian for many years. We have spent time together storytelling and celebrating books at various library events throughout the years. She is passionate about bringing books to kids and has a warm and special way with young children. We are so fortunate to have Janice as a librarian in the North Park Branch Library, which is the loveliest library I have ever been in! Thank you Janice!

LL Angie K library 1

One Last Roar!
I am the founder of RhyPiBoMo (Rhyming Picture Book Month) and we celebrate rhyming picture books every April during National Poetry Month! As a former kindergarten teacher and developmental therapist, I encourage rhyme for young children and emerging readers. It is developmentally important and makes reading fun!

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Photo of RPB Logo

I am pleased to announce that I am hosting a Rhyming Picture Book Award Weekend in New York City, December 4-6th, hosted by Julie Gribble and KidLit TV.

LL Angie K TV
Photo of KidLit TV Logo

On Friday, December 4th, we are naming the Best in Rhyme Award for the best rhyming picture book of 2015, in a red carpet, live streaming announcement. Saturday, December 5th we are hosting the Rhyming Picture Book Revolution Conference for children’s authors.

On Sunday, the faculty from our conference; Karma Wilson, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Lori Degman, Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Corey Rosen Schwartz will be signing their rhyming picture books at Books of Wonder bookstore in NYC from 1:00 – 3:00. I hope you NYC area families can join us at Books of Wonder! You can follow the rhyming excitement on my blog and the conference website.

Thank you, Angie for your terrific Roar!

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See you at the next ROAR!


  1. Thank you Angie and Janet for a roaring blog to promote libraries. I would have been lost without my hometown library. I spent many hours in one of the fabulous libraries built by Andrew Carnegie’s generosity
    Congratulations, Angie, on the rhyming picture book awards to beheld in New York City-go Angie 🙂

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