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Kirsten Cappy creator of Curious City:Where Kids and Books Meet is here to ROAR today!

Deliverers of our Country

May I borrow a book title from the indomitable E. Nesbit? I see librarians as the “deliverers of our country.”

From librarians’ title curiosity and patron service generosity, books are opened, experienced, and deeply engaged with. And it is the engagement of a reader with the printed page that allows story to become the training ground for our future curious and empathetic citizens. Without books, I do not believe, any of us will become “deliverers of our country” in the book world and beyond.

I am a lover of play. I am a lover of story. I am a lover (quite obviously) of libraries. I bring them all together in my work at Curious City. There I take author, illustrator, and publisher’s work and turn the story into play for librarians and their mighty patrons. On my site, one can find all sorts of easy-to-use, ready-to-wear, free, downloadable kits to hold engaging story hours and other children’s literature events.

As Janet’s site is about ROARING (don’t you agree that that word should always be in capitals?), I thought I would share a book that roars like a tiger (some argue tigers don’t roar, but bear with me) and a book that pays tribute to the transformative power of words and to those who are a catalyst for transformation—librarians and booksellers.

How might we play with this tigerish book? Well, by giving librarians a simple craft to turn her story hour children into tigers (just as Raj was transformed from average tabby cat to roaring tiger):

We could also play a simple game to help young children identify words that make Raj feel good about himself and words that make Raj sad and worried:

And finally, we could share a wee takeaway poem for children to remember Raj by. Any guesses what that might be?

You can read more about the Story Hour Kit for Raj the Bookstore Tiger by Kathleen T. Pelley and illustrated by Paige Kaiser here.

We hope Curious City can continue to help you ROAR about words and stories for you are the deliverers of our country.

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Thank you, Kirsten for your terrific guest post! We Love Curious City!

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