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Einstein Kids Will Change the World!

Welcome to Library Lions interviews. Raising a Roar for Libraries and for the outstanding Librarians serving Children and Young Adults in Schools and Public Libraries across the U.S. Please Roar today’s guest, Anne Sandbo!

When asked about her job, Anne says “I have the best job in the world with the best kids in the world. I am the librarian at Einstein Elementary School in Redmond, Washington. We are the Einstein Otters and we will change the world!”

Einstein Library

The Skinny
I love that I am able to see each student in the school every week. We learn together. They teach me as much as I teach them….maybe I learn more than they do. I love that I am able to learn new ways to access information along with the students and we can share our favorite books.

Library Laughs
One day I was checking books out with a class. A little boy had an overdue book and he couldn’t remember what the book was. I pulled up the picture on the computer and showed it to him. He looked at me and asked “Does it tell you where I left it?”

Another day I was exploring encyclopedias with 3rd graders. We’d gone over Alphabetical order and how to make a good guess if you’ll find something at the back or the front of the volume. When I asked where I would look for the Japanese Beetle a student answered:
“Probably in Japan.”

A Lion’s Pride of Programs
I think my favorite program that we do with our students is Battle of the Books. Einstein has participated since the program began and even though we’ve only won the district battle once, we have teams of real readers. They form teams, read the books and above all, they have fun. In the 10 years we’ve been doing Battles, we have only had teams end the tournaments with smiles, laughing and handshakes all around. You can’t do any better than that.

Readers Roar: Let’s hear from the kids!

~I love that the library was open this summer. I got to read the books that are checked out all the time during school. ~ Jen grade 4

~ I don’t ever want to hear Mrs. Sandbo use her “librarian voice”. I think it would be scary!~ Robert grade 5

Book Brag: What’s Hot This Year?
Our Greek Mythology Graphic novels are hot this year. We have multiple copies of three volumes and there is as long a waiting list for them as there is for the 2012 Guinness World Records.

Author! Author!
I had the perfect author visit a few years ago. Robert Liparulo’s (author of the Dreamhouse Kings series) publisher called me. He said Robert had looked at our web site and would like to come see the students at Einstein.

He came with free books, he didn’t charge us for the visit or travel. He asked students to submit ideas to him for future settings for his books. He stayed connected with the students for years after his visit. Several of them were readers for him before later books were published. He really motivated some of our reluctant readers to start reading!

Library Lion’s Roar: ONE LAST BIG ROAR
Our students are coming to the library during recess to add grains of rice on the free rice.com website. They read the stories of the difference it makes to kids around the world and they get practice with some vocabulary and know they make a difference.

Let’s Link
Library Website: As it says on our website: We know just about everything, just ask us.

Thank you, Anne for your terrific interview!

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Note to Librarians: If you’re a Youth Librarian working in a school or public library we’d love to hear about you and your library.  Email Janet on the Contact page on this website for an interview.

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