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It’s our last post of the year here at Library Lions. Let’s all give a mighty roar for our guest the amazingly talented author LISA YEE!! ROAR!

Whether in a book store or a library, Lisa’a award winning books are guaranteed to fly off the shelves! Here’s her latest!

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Since Lisa lives at Warp Speed, we’re lucky to have her guest blog today here on Library Lions. Welcome Lisa. Let’s talk Libraries! Go!

I Love Libraries!In case you can’t tell by looking at me, I think libraries are awesome . . .

When I was a kid, I used to play library. Um, I still do . . .

(For you young folk out there, that’s a library card that you sign and get stamped when you check out a book. This is pre-scanner, pre-computer, pre-e-books. Yes, I am old.)

I was thrilled to be invited to speak the the Young Adult librarians at the main branch of the LA Public Library.

It’s gorgeous inside . . .

I was part of a YA author panel that took place in the Mark Taper Auditorium LAPL Manger of Youth Services, Eva Mitnick led the event, and our panel was moderated by Penguin/Dial Books for Young Readers VP of acquisition and development and editor Jennifer Hunt . . .. . .

The panel included Cecil Castellucci, Holly Goldberg Sloan, Sherri Smith, Margie Stohl, Carol Tanzman, Janet Tashjian, Angelina Jolie, and Moi. (Well, most of those people.) We had a WONDERFUL dialogue with the attractive, witty and smart YA Librarians . . .

Later, some librarians shared their favorite books with us . . .

Since we were on the YA panel, it was only fitting that we visit the Teen area . . .

Then get this . . . we went SHOPPING at the LIBRARY with a GIFT CERTIFICATE the librarians gave us!!!

After, it was off to Cole’s for a literary lunch with Cecil and Sherri . . .

We love Cole’s and have been there with authors Ransom Riggs and Sonya Sones! (Though not at the same time.) And we love librarians, too!!!

Oh! And what did I end up getting at the store? How’s about this . . .

What’s that, you ask? Why, it’s old fashioned vintage rubber stamps of things called typewriters and rotary dial phones!!!

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Thank you Lisa for the terrific interview!

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Note to Librarians: If you’re a Youth Librarian working in a school or public library we’d love to hear about you and your library. Email Janet on the Contact page on this website for an interview.


  1. Fantastic Blog. My friend Carole Dagg told me about it. I’m glad to see her article here, too. I’d never seen her fantastic book trailer. Thanks!

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