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Dragon’s Keep Party!

Let it be known that we had a blast at the Dragon’s Keep book launch party. The revels lasted into the night.

Fine music played as the villagers roamed about the “great hall” drinking green dragon punch and sampling treats.

All were terrified when the dragon swooped in and fought valiant Kye Godrick. But the village folk cheered when the Riddle Master saved Kye by challenging the dragon to a contest (dragons are suckers for riddles). Let it be known that the villagers bested the dragon with brilliant answers to puzzling riddles. Prizes were won, fortunes were told, and there was dancing, and much feasting, and yes a reading from Dragon’s Keep.

Let it also be known across all kingdoms that Dragon’s Keep has received two starred reviews, is listed on amazons top 100 new books for teens and is on the nomination list for ALA best books for teens. The villagers all cheered. “Hooray!!”

Here are the party photos Heidi Pettit took for your viewing pleasure.


Hats off to Parkplace Books in Kirkland for hosting the party. Sweet thanks to the divine Diviners (my loyal critique group) for all their help. A kiss to Sarah Bond and her amazing Living Illustrations Troupe for bringing the Dragon’s Keep characters to life.

And a good time was had by all!

Until the next blog, be well,


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  1. Dear Janet Lee Carey,

    I am writing to you regarding your book, Talon. But reading your blog here, it says it is called Dragons Keep. I’m from England, does that make a difference? Anyway, In the bookshop, I spotted your book, and I saw the dragon on the cover. This may sound weird, but I love dragon books! Reading the blurb I knew it was just the book for me. This bookshop was at the airport, so I took it on the plane on my way to Tenerife. I started reading it, and was completely transfixed in the story. I couldn’t take my eyes off it! The flight was 4 hours, and I’d got to Chapter 30 by the end of it!
    I’ve just finished it, and am still crying from the deaths of those lovely people. It was a big surprise when I got near the end, with the Sir Magnus subject! It was an enormously fantastic ending. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends, so hopefully they will read it. You may not believe me, but by jove you should, when I say, “That was the BEST book I have ever read!” I say, bravo to you!

    Thank you very much for your time to read this email.

    Yours sincerely,

    Miss Suki Bergg

  2. Dragons keep… it sounds just like talon. Is it the same book or a second to the marvellous series?

    I got Talon by buying it off book club and me and my mum both thought it sounded like a great book. My question is… is Dragons Keep the second or the first.. because of the mention of Kye Godrick the books must be related in some way. Or so I think

    PS: i would be totally screaming if you actually replied Janet! (screaming in a good way)

  3. Miss Suki,

    Thank you so much for the great comment. Because of you, I decided to change the intro to the blog. Yes TALON is the same book as DRAGON’S KEEP. The US book simply has a different title from the UK book. Which title do you like best?

  4. Hi ruby,

    Replying — happy screams to you. I’m so glad you liked Dragon’s Keep. It just came out in paperback here in the US and the dragon on the cover is even scarier if you can believe it?


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