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~In the Time of Dragon Moon is a story of courage and romance that readers will not soon forget.~ VOYA

INTERVIEW from Moonlight Gleams

-Can you tell us about your book?

In the Time of Dragon Moon is a tale of love, magic and murder
The story begins on Falcon Moon in the year 1210, when the young Euit healer, Uma Quarteney is kidnapped by the mad Pendragon queen who is desperate for a child. Held hostage in the castle, Uma’s told she must cure the infertile queen by Dragon Moon or be burned at the stake. But the infertile queen isn’t the only danger Uma faces in the book. A killer out for royal blood slays the Pendragon heir. The palace murder is made to look like an accident, but Uma, and Jackrun, sense the darker truth. Someone is trying to overthrow the Pendragon throne. Uma and Jackrun work together to catch a murderer aided by prophecy and cloaked in magic before time runs out and Uma is burned.

-Did you draw inspiration from any tribes when creating the Euit Tribe?

I researched tribal life and traditions in many areas of the world, but the passion to tell the story of an indigenous healer formed when I flew to Maui for a “Maui Immersion” with indigenous healers Lei’ohu and Maydeen.

I learned of lost traditions and the power of the earth’s healing. I was profoundly changed by these women’s ancient healing practices and knew I wanted my character to be a keeper of this type of precious knowledge.
We are losing touch with the old ways, losing the indigenous healers in our fast paced world, losing their knowledge of the kinship between us and the earth.
So the girl, Uma, emerged: an indigenous healer with a story to tell and a voice to tell it.

-Do you have a favorite character?

You have to get inside your character’s skin to write about them with authenticity. Once you’ve done that it’s hard to play favorites.

-Do you have any routines that you do to get into the writing process?

In the mornings I do yoga, prayer, meditation, then I journal. Once the words are flowing into the journal, I fly upstairs to the office and begin my workday. If I’m not in the mood to dive in and write (and often I’m not) I reread what I wrote the day before and that usually gets me into the story again. When I’m stuck, I walk to a small pond nearby and listen for the next story thread. Or sometimes I go downstairs and kick my kick box.

-Will there be any more books in the Wilde Island Chronicles?
I hope so. But that’s partly up to the reading community. What I mean by that is authors can sell more books in a series as long as the series has enough of a following. So in that sense, readers have a say in what’s published. Of course I’d love to write more Wilde Island books. It’s such a lush world! These books are all entangled with interesting characters be they human, fey folk, or dragons.

I’m lucky in this series because the story line moves from generation to generation. The books are connected through family ties but each book introduces a new central character. People who read Dragonswood will recognize Jackrun from the epilogue. He’s just two years old then, and seventeen in this new book. And when he meets Uma, well, you have to read the book to find out what happens then.

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  1. I just finished “In the Time of Dragon Moon” and just loved it. Each time I read the next in this series I think “this is the absolute best.” I do hope you continue to write in this world. I’ll devour all of them to be sure.
    I work in the Tualatin Public Library where I tell anyone who will listen to read these.

    Thank you so much,


  2. Hi Mary.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed book 3. The latest plot posed a lot of challenges, but writers love challenges. I continue to write YA fantasy and there may be more Wilde Island books to come. Thank you especially for saying a good word for the series in Tualatin Public library! I’m honored.

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