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#NaNoWriMo Fiction Magic card #3

Welcome to NaNoWriMo Fiction Magic month here on Dreamwalks! Are you experiencing idea flow or wordcount woe? Wherever you are with our WIP, I bet you can use some magic this month. And so, Voila!!

Meet Fiction Magic: Card Tricks & Tips For Writers

Today author/writer/creativity coach, Deb Lund draws card # 3 from her deck for your next NaNoNuj. Beyond the helpful #writingtip, Deb’s also offering a free deck to some lucky winner below.

Janet: Okay Deb. Draw!

Deb: I pulled a card this afternoon, knowing I was getting this post to Janet later than I had hoped. I broke a promise, but hopefully I’ll find redemption from this post, just like you’ll find at the end of your story when you…

Break a Promise

Here’s what the guidebook says about that Fiction Magic prompt:

Any of your characters can break promises and perhaps many will break promises. What promises can your characters break, causing damage to the relationships they care about? Maybe promises were made in earnest, or maybe promises were falsely made because of circumstances beyond the characters’ control. Either way, there must be consequences for breaking the promises.

Make reasonable promises to yourself about your dreams and goals. If they crash down around you, be gentle with yourself. Dream new dreams. Set new goals. Make new promises. You’re the writer—you get to revise.

You’ll easily find ways for your characters to break promises. When I find those moments in my stories where someone is disappointed by another character’s actions, I often strengthen an earlier scene to show why the event is so devastating. To make it stronger, I firm up the “promise” (whether the word is used or not) or the commitment that’s made. If you’re flying through NaNoWriMo, you may not want to revise an earlier scene right now. Instead, make a quick note, and if you get a chance, add a “promise” so you’ll be able to break it later this month.

You made a promise to yourself this month. Maybe it was to be a NaNoWriMo winner. Maybe you’re one of the rebels who are revising novels, coming up with a month’s worth of picture book ideas (I’m using Fiction Magic for PiBoIdMo again), working on a graphic novel, or writing poetry. Good for you! Promises are good, but breaking them can also be good—or at least revising them, as the guidebook says. I know it’s not what we’re taught, but there are times when breaking a promise is necessary. Right now, I want you to promise that no matter how the month ends for you, you’ll celebrate what you accomplished instead of moaning about what you didn’t get done.

Boy, did I need to hear that myself today!

Always my most difficult client…


Janet: Thanks for the excellent advice Deb. So NaNos — and anyone else wrestling with your WIP whether you’re NaNoing or not — We hope you enjoyed today’s NaNoNuj.

If this Fiction Magic card inspires you in any way, please share your story in a comment below. And you’re welcome to get and share more ideas on Deb’s Fiction Magic Facebook Page We’d love to see you there!

“These cards are a creative way for Deb Lund to extend her       gentle genius for helping fellow writers develop our own magic    with fiction. I can hardly wait to get my hands on them, as both a  writing teacher and a writer myself.” Christina Baldwin, author o  o f Storycatcher

“When I read a book on writing, it takes about 200 pages before   I learn anything I can apply to my writing. I can use these cards   instantly.” Carole Dagg, YA author

“These cards are thought-provoking and inspiring. As an author and literary agent, I plan to use them myself and with my students and clients.” Andrea Hurst, Literary Agent

Fingers wriggling to get your hands on the Whole Deck and Guidebook? Fiction Magic: Card Tricks & Tips For Writers, are 50% off on on Deb’s Website this month, and she promised me she’d send off the 54-card set and guidebook to you in record time.

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