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Special Valentines Edition. Welcome Kay Cassidy!

Library Lions Special Valentines Edition. It’s all about Library Love.

We asked award-winning author Kay Cassidy to swing by and share her story of Library Love and her outstanding library program The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest™

Let’s give a LL Roar of Welcome to Kay Cassidy!

2008 Golden Heart® winner Kay Cassidy is the author of teen fiction she wishes was based on her real life. Her debut novel, THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY, takes readers behind the veil of a secret society of good populars dedicated to defeating the mean girls of the world. Kay is also the founder of the national Great Scavenger Hunt Contest™ reading program for kids and teens.

In her life B.W. (Before Writing), Kay was a leadership specialist and corporate educator. These days, if she’s not writing, Kay can often be found doing free Skype visits with book clubs who have read THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY or speaking at writing and library conferences around the country.

The Skinny:
What motivated you to invent The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest™?
As a YA author and proud owner of a well-worn library card, I want to give back to all the librarians whose book recommendations have fed my imagination over the years and helped me grow as a writer. I know it’s hard being a librarian in a rough economy. You’re strapped for time and cash, but still want to create fun programs to keep your kids and teens reading week after week. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest™ is here to help you do just that. With trivia challenges and monthly prizes for readers and librarians alike!

How it Works:
Getting involved in The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest™ is as easy as 1-2-3-4!
#1) Register your library to participate via the simple online registration form at http://www.kaycassidy.com/hunt/library-reg/. The program is open to all public and school librarians.

#2) Print off the ready-made promotional flyer from the Librarian Resources section of the site and display it in your library. Check out some of the fun displays created by participating Hunt librarians!

Librarian Patty McClune of Conestoga Valley High School in Lancaster, PA

Librarian Jennifer Rummel’s display. Library Norwich CT. Hey! Jennifer was just interviewed here on LL earlier this month! Small world:)

#3) Readers can view and print their trivia challenge from the online list after finishing a book. They’ll complete the trivia challenge and turn it into you. A quick check against the answer keys with at least 8 out of 10 correct means you get to enter them in the monthly contest!

#4) Fill out the contest entry form and cross your fingers! Then check out the monthly e-newsletter to see if your name and your reader’s name are announced as the latest winners.

** The winning reader receives: a $50 gift card to the bookstore of his or her choice!

** The winning librarian (that could be you!) gets to choose five (5) new titles from the featured Hunt titles list to add to your library’s collection!

See more winners on the Winner’s Page.

Kay in the center)congratulating November 2009 winning reader Hannah S. and winning librarian Kim Murdock from Lapel, IN

For more information on how the program works, visit Kay Cassidy Hunt How it Works or check out Kay Cassidy Hunt Faqsfor more details.

Roars for The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest™
“In these tough economic times when we are all trying to cut back, it is great to know that there is someone out there that encourages teens to use their public libraries! You can tell that Kay Cassidy is a true book lover and encourages children to read in a variety of venues.”
~ Debbie Henricks
Evergreen Community Library
Metamora, OH

“The students just print off the trivia challenges to answer and return to me. Using the ‘answer key’ link I am able to give them immediate feedback as to whether their hunt was successful or not. Great program!”
~ Bonnie Mickler
Dubois Middle School
Dubois, IN

“These books are flying off the display I created…”
~ Sarah DiLorenzo
McAlester Public Library
McAlester, OK

“I LOVE it! It is a great way to introduce books to Teens and it is free. Who doesn’t love trivia?????”
~ Jennifer Nash
Wallingford Public Library
Wallingford, CT

Spreading the Word:
One of the most interesting things about The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest’s success is how quickly it’s grown by word of mouth! After mentions in School Library Journal Teen and Publisher’s Weekly Children’s Bookshelf, nearly a hundred new library registrations rolled in. But the remaining 500+ libraries heard about us from other librarians. Hunt librarians are featuring the Great Scavenger Hunt Contest™ in their workshops at library conferences from coast to coast and are talking it up with fellow librarians in their area as a fun, FREE way to draw kids back to the library to read for pleasure. I think that’s the highest form of flattery!

Staying Connected with Kay Cassidy:
Author web site: http://www.kaycassidy.com/
Great Scavenger Hunt Contest™ web site: http://www.kaycassidy.com/hunt/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KayCassidy
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kaycassidy
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/kaycassidy
Blog: http://teenfictioncafe.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much Kay for visiting us here at LL and for spreading Library Love!
Happy Valentines!

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Note to Librarians: If you’re a Youth Librarian working in a school or public library we’d love to hear about you and your library. Email Janet on the Contact page on this website for an interview.

4 comments on “Special Valentines Edition. Welcome Kay Cassidy!

  1. I hope some K-5 authors will incorporate this wonderful idea — a scavenger hunt contest — to promote great books. The prizes never have to be huge — just a trip to Disneyland or something like that!

  2. Hi Rodger’s mom! There are actually 100+ middle grades authors (books for kids 8-12) participating in The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest, so there’s plenty of fun to be had for younger readers. In fact, I think we have about 150 elementary school libraries participating in the Hunt with more joining every month. 🙂

  3. Kay you’re really showing us Library Love in action. Hearts to The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest. It’s brilliant. I just realized I haven’t sent The Dragons of Noor trivia challenge in yet. It’s on my To Do list:)

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