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Happy World Water Day!

Image thanks to PlayPumps

Join me in celebrating clean drinking water with PlayPumps! For World Water Day PlayPumps is focusing on communities in Malawi Africa where only 57% of the rural population has access to clean drinking water.

Do you want to pitch in and Help? Check out PlayPumps!

Clean drinking water is of particular interest to me. Ever since I researched drought-ridden countries for my upcoming YA novel Stealing Death, I’ve wanted to put my hand in and make a difference.

Check out my PlayPumps fundraising page Stealing Death water for Life Challenge


The terrible drought in Africa puts children and families at risk every day. It is predicted that the global dimming brought on by the developed worlds air pollution will continue to create these severe droughts year after year. I began to study what water shortage does to communities while working to create a realistic drought-ridden landscape for my fantasy novel Stealing Death. Profoundly moved by the suffering I saw, I made a commitment to take action and raise awareness. I hunted for an organization that is making a significant difference and was thrilled to find PlayPumps.

Hope Education Joy
PlayPumps puts hope into the hands of people.
PlayPumps frees girls to attend school regularly
PlayPumps empowers change through children at play

How PlayPumps Works

Watch a PlayPumps Video!!

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  1. Yay you, for spreading the word about this. I love projects like this–where someone sees a need and comes up with a solution that is eleant and unexpected. Kiva is another wonderful place to make a difference.

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