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Welcome to Library Lions interviews Raising a Roar for libraries and the outstanding librarians across the U.S. Please Roar today’s guest, Jean Vallesteros. Jean, creator of the amazing book blog, JeanBookNerd  (definitely one of the hottest book blogs out there), is here to share her book love and library love with us! Welcome Jean!   


Tell us how your blog got started:Having many fond childhood memories at my local library, reading has always been an important part of my upbringing and had carried over towards my adult life.

In early summer of 2011, I decided to open up a blog just to share my thoughts and ideas about the books that I was reading. Unbeknownst to me, there was a huge community of book lovers on the Internet. It was great! Being able to discuss the books that I had been reading with others, I really didn’t know what to expect but it turned out for the best. Also getting the chance to meet new people along the way and develop some great friendships.
I was reading Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck and I instantly fell in love with the series.

This is when I began to wonder how amazing it would be to get to know the author and receive answers to my questions about her work first-hand from the creator. In an effort to reach out to Mrs. Houck, a reply came back to me almost instantly!

She was extremely humble and easy to talk to, making the conversation (not to mention my first effort in speaking directly with an acclaimed author) much more comfortable. From there on the wheels kept turning and I realized that this communication between myself and a well known author could be a great event to share with my growing number of followers. Furthermore, I would like thank Colleen Houck and Katie of Sterling Publishing for donating items for my giveaway and for giving me the opportunity to share it with everyone. It is because of them that my blog is the way it is now.


Sharing my passion with others is very rewarding. My blog has allowed me to share my love of reading at a global scale with people who are just as passionate as me.

Jean with D.J. MacHale author of the Pendragon series 

On my blog, followers can find fun, exciting, and interesting author interviews and insights on the latest book titles. You can join in on the discussions and participate in exciting giveaways.

Jean with Michael Scott, author of The Alchemyst 

  JeanBookNerd is an interactive blog that promotes the importance of reading and the invaluable rewards that only reading can bring.

Jean with Melissa Marr author of Wicked Lovely 

Janet: I love visiting your site, Jean. It’s definitely one of my favorites. I always find more great books to read and authors to follow. Your generous site makes the book community come alive.

Library Love When You Were a Cub The library was a huge part of my childhood. It allowed my imagination to explore an assortment of amazing places and introduced me to many interesting characters. The library became like a second home to me and my permanent home every summer.

Jean’s son, Jordan

I remember the excitement that would overcome me whenever I stepped into the library. I spent most of my younger days sitting in the aisles and easily getting lost in the stories, the adventures, the characters and the settings that came bursting from within the pages and pulling me into them, allowing me to journey through my own imagination.

At some point, I had also discovered comic books as an alternative form of literature and became an avid subscriber to Marvel, Archie, DC, Disney and many more. It became an amazing form of entertainment for my growing mind and an outlet for my creativity as a youth.
Even now as I have matured into an adult, I still find appreciation in all styles of storytelling including but not limited to stories of horror, suspense, drama, mystery, action and romance.
I have always appreciated the positive contributions the library has had on my childhood. With nieces, nephews and young children in my life, I use the library as another venue for them to pick up invaluable education and life skills.  
Blogger’s Roar: Funding for libraries, especially school libraries, is currently under threat. As a book blogger, what are your thoughts about that? 

Many people don’t know the other services libraries provide. One service that is beneficial to our youth is that they offer free tutoring. Hiring private tutors is costly but this free service allows for everyone to get help and imprint a positive impact on students’ academic performances.

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Website/Blog: www.jeanbooknerd.com & www.booknerdtours.com


Thank you, Jean for your terrific interview!


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