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Dreamwalks May 2019

Author Rosanne Parry. Inhabiting the Other

Welcome to Creative Conversations, discussions on the creative process. Find a comfy seat, lean in close and eavesdrop in on our conversation. Today I’m talking with gifted author Rosanne Parry  who just came out with two new titles gleaning starred reviews! Rosanne Parry is the author of the many award winning novels including Heart of… Read more

Author Brings 5000 books to Paradise Schools after Fire

Today we’re going on an amazing Dreamwalk with award-winning children’s author Lee Wardlaw who journeyed 500 miles to Paradise, CA to deliver books to the school children who lost their homes and schools in the devastating 2018 fire. Janet: What first gave you the idea to bring books to Paradise? Lee: Living in southern California,… Read more

What Do Readers Want to Tell Writers?

Books cannot come to life without readers. Readers co-create stories envisioning characters and story worlds in their imaginations. With that in mind I asked librarian, bibliophile, book blogger and fellow dragon enthusiast, Alyssa Bussard, to visit us here on Dreamwalks to try an experiment–Author interviews Reader/Reader interviews Author (and we share cat pics). When I… Read more

Explore the Boundaries of Art

Welcome to another Creativity Dreamwalk. Today I’m talking with my longtime friend Jill Trepp Sahlstrom. Janet: Jill and I first met in our college days. Friends and creative colleagues we’ve walked through many years together. It’s such a pleasure to have you here on Dreamwalks, Jill. Jill: Thanks. It’s good to be here. Janet: Let’s… Read more

Family Secrets Unearthing Story Maureen McQuerry

Welcome to Creative Conversations. This month we’re exploring how surprises, sometimes dark, sometimes joyful, can dramatically change our lives and our stories. This is what happened to my friend and fellow novelist, Maureen McQuerry as she began writing her latest book, Between Before & After. Come close and read about her astounding revelations in the conversation… Read more

Martha Brockenbrough UNPRESIDENTED Interview

I’m thrilled to have Martha Brockenbrough back on Dreamwalks for another Creative Conversation! The many-talented Martha takes on every genre with finesse from picture books like Love, Santa,  (a perfect family read this month), to historical fiction, Alexander Hamilton –Revolutionary, to her acclaimed novels, Devine Intervention, and The Game of Love and Death, 2016 winner of… Read more

Annie California’s Light Comes Through

Welcome to Creative Conversations. Lean in close and eavesdrop in on our latest chat about the creative process. Add your comments, too. We’d love to hear from you. This month of giving thanks, I’m talking with author, poet, painter, singer-songwriter Margaret Kellermann. Margaret’s riding in to celebrate her new novel for ages 8 and up,… Read more

Author Vijaya Bodach BOUND

Dreamwalkers, this month Vijaya Bodach is here to talk about her new YA novel, BOUND. Welcome, Vijaya! Thank you for swinging by for the interview and your generous offer to gift a signed copy of your new book to some lucky Dreamwalker. Vijaya: Janet, thank you for having me! Janet: Where and when did you get… Read more

Creative Conversation with Actor Allie Costa

Welcome to Creative Conversations. Lean in close and eavesdrop in on our exploration of the creative process. Add your comments, too. We’d love to hear from you. Today I’m thrilled to be talking with Allie Costa about the acting profession. I’ve known Allie since our readergirlz days. Allie is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, director, and singer… Read more

Dan Richard’s Hilarious STU TRULY

Dreamwalks is celebrating another new summer read this month with Dan Richards, author of the hilarious book STU TRULY  Yellow Jacket Books ISBN 978-1-4998-0646-5 Here we are at Dan’s Launch Party at Third Place Books Dan has kindly offered a signed copy of his book to some lucky Dreamwalker. Hurrah! (see contest below!) And Now… Read more